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Why not try our weekend mini alpaca experiences! Come and meet the alpacas, learn lots about them and take them on a mini alpaca walk... All at a special offer price!

Alpaca Walks

Nestled within the rolling green hills of Staffordshire's Peak District and within an easy driving distance from Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Uttoxeter, Leek, Ashbourne and Buxton. Oak Moor Farm Alpaca Walks (both lead walkers and spectators passes) are available for visits seven days a week by booking via the link below.

Alpacas Meet & Greet

Book a meet and greet session with our furry alpacas. Our meet-and-greet events with the alpacas are fantastic fun for kids and adults alike! Get up close to these wonderful and friendly creatures and join in with the fun. Our Alpacas can't wait to meet you, they've 'herd' you're good company!

Alpacas To You!

Why not book our enchanting alpacas to visit your school, establishment, nursing or retirement/care home, or why not book an alpaca appearance for birthdays, weddings or special events. Surprise your guests with an Alpacas meet-and-greet! Maximum of two Alpacas per an appearance. Booking enquiries below.



Walk with friendly Alpacas whilst enjoying stunning views... Alpaca Experiences in the Heart of the Beautiful Peak District!


Experience the Joyous wonders of Our Alpaca Experiences!

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Interactive & Fun Alpaca Experiences & Walks
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Alpaca Experiences
Alpace experiences feeding alpacas at lunchtime

Staffordshire Peak District
Alpaca Experiences & Walks

Alpaca walking and Alpaca experiences are a new and exciting activity in the great outdoors that’s fast becoming increasingly popular.

If you love animals and appreciate the unspoilt beauty of the Staffordshire Peak District countryside, then this activity is definitely for you!

Our local Alpaca Experiences in Staffordshire involve being paired up with a friendly and fluffy alpaca friend and taking them for a walk around our stunning meadows and fields amid the beautiful Peak District hills. This relaxing and fun activity is perfect for adults and children alike. 

There is no better way to spend some much-needed outdoors time in the fresh air of the countryside than to spend it with our furry friends!

"Our Alpacas Albi, Starbuck, Kalou, Stridor, Max, Jinx, Zorro, Uthred, Jax and the notorious Hatchi cannot wait to meet you"


Interesting Alpacas

oak moor alpaca farm alpaca walks in the staffordshire peak district

Want to find out more about Alpacas… Read on!

Did you know Alpacas are South American camelids and are the only domesticated Llama-like animal?

Alpacas are gentle and beautifully serene animals. They are social creatures that enjoy being around other alpacas and communicate with soft humming sounds. They have a calm manner, yet they often seem torn between curiosity and shyness, but here at Oak Moor Farm, we know that curiosity usually wins the inner struggle!

There are two different types of Alpacas: Huacaya and Suri, and both breeds are known for their thick and luscious woollen fleece of fur. The difference between the breeds is that the Huacaya has a full puffy fleece with a lot of crimp or crinkle, while Suri alpacas have sleek, lustrous fibre that hangs down in dreadlocks. Revered for their luxurious natural fibres, both breeds of alpacas coats have become highly desired for producing yarn for high-end textiles and clothing through seasonal sheering.

Alpacas originate from live in herds on small farms in the South American Andes Mountains regions, including Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

Alpaca fur is a revered choice for artisans and crafters. This delicate material does not absorb moisture and is exceptionally sturdy; it comes in second only to mohair when comparing animal fibres of a similar strength!

The Alpaca fleece boasts a rich array of 22 hues ranging from jet-black to silvery white and an unusual pinkish lilac tint, with mahogany brown prevailing as the most common colour. Whilst trying to create specific shade variants, breeders have come up against an insurmountable challenge: they have yet to be able to produce grey alpaca offspring successfully!

Interactive & Fun Alpaca experiences for children & adults alike

Oak Moor Farm in the Peak District National Park

Alpaca experiences with a difference!

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