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Peak Alpaca Poo | Alpaca Poo Fertiliser

Offering a convenient way to add nutrition to your garden year-round, Alpaca manure is a proven rich soil conditioner, it rapidly improves soil quality and its ability to retain water.

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Did you know Alpaca manure is a fantastic fertiliser for indoor and outdoor plants?

Offering a convenient way to add nutrition to your garden year-round, Alpaca manure is a proven rich soil conditioner; it rapidly improves soil quality and its ability to retain water.

Alpaca poo’s high levels of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, and other essential micro-nutrients can help give plants strong stems, healthy leaves, flowers or fruit. Its natural decomposition process is accelerated due to the alpaca’s efficient digestive system, meaning it can go straight from gathering in the field to spreading in your garden without further preparation.

Oak Moor Farm alpaca manure fertiliser is perfect for all your plants, indoors and outdoors – packed with essential nutrients and an abundance of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

Thanks to its odourless properties, you won’t even know it’s around, and it’s simple to spread in your garden. Our Alpaca Poo is less likely to damage your plants than other animal manures.

Carefully chosen, each Alpaca poo batch is picked and air-dried, ensuring that only the purest products are delivered – with minimal grass, straw, and other materials.

How do I use Peak Alpaca Poo as a fertiliser?

When using alpaca fertiliser, you can put it on top of your garden soil, water it, or wait and let the rain help soak it in.
Alpaca Fertiliser Tea is another option for fertilising garden plants. This is especially helpful for giving seedlings a jump

Mix about three scoops of poo to a 5l litre watering can of cold water; let this sit for 3 or 4 days, or it can be used
as early as the following day. The darker the mixture, the better. Then, use the manure tea to water your plants.

Why not try our Alpaca Poo fertiliser and see the difference it makes to your plants!


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