Our Alpacas

Meet Our Boys!

The Oak Moor Alpaca Herd comprise of 10 boys, aged between 18months and 2 years. Let me introduce you to...


He is our little pocket rocket, our smallest alpaca but certainly not shy, best friends with Kalou, they like nothing more than running around the paddocks trying to see who is the quickest.


Max is full of cute cheekiness, his best friend is Jinx and sometimes its hard to tell them apart.


Our gentle gent, calm and goes with the flow. He loves a good roll and a cuddle, Best friends with Max.


The cheeky one, and certainly the most distinctive, He is the mischief maker and will think nothing of removing hair bobbles or hats and even a cheeky nibble to let you know he's there.


Zorro de Orro, Our stunning second brown alpaca of the herd, with eyes that makes your heart melt. He loves to be a part of the team..


Our brown cuddly teddy bear. He is a very friendly boy, a bit of a character and loves to be by your side all the time. He loves to be the centre of attention. Kalou likes his food and loves nothing more than being fed by hand so he can take his time and enjoy every mouthful.


Our lovely big cuddly boy who loves to chill and is happy chomping on the grass all day. He likes to think he is the leader, probably due to his name, but he is a real softy and always likes to make sure he has paid everyone some attention.


Cool and laid back, but has a stubborn streak and won’t let anyone tell him what to do.


The one with the looks, and doesn’t he know it !!! With his distinctive mop top, he likes to strut his stuff around the paddock.


The Leader of the group, a very regal looking boy and a big gentle giant, he looks after his herdand is also very loving and charming.

All of our alpacas have settled into life at Oak Moor Farm really well and are enjoying the views, the visitors and their neighbours … And the sheep!!! They can't wait to meet you.

We love our Alpacas here at Oak Moor Farm. Here follows a little info about these incredibly cute and serene creatures and why they make such great companions for walking and interactions with people.

Alpacas are a type of South American camelid and are the only domesticated llama-like animal. 

Alpacas are gentle and beautifully serene animals. They are social creatures that enjoy being around other alpacas and communicate with soft humming sounds. They have a calm manner, yet they often seem torn between curiosity and shyness, whereas we know curiosity usually wins the inner struggle! 

Alpacas have a thick and luscious woollen fleece of fur, which can be brushed or spun into yarn to create textiles. Alpacas originate from live in herds on small farms in the South American Andes Mountains regions, including Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

Alpaca fur is a revered choice for artisans and crafters. This delicate material does not absorb moisture and is exceptionally sturdy; it comes in second only to mohair when comparing animal fibres of a similar strength!

Alpaca fleece boasts a rich array of 22 hues ranging from jet-black to silvery white and pinkish lilac, with mahogany brown prevailing as the most common colour. To create specific shade variants, breeders have come up against an insurmountable obstacle: they have yet to be able to produce grey alpaca offspring successfully.

Here are some interesting facts about Alpacas.

  • As herd animals, alpacas should always be kept in groups of at least three. They thrive on social interaction and can become stressed and ill if isolated. 
  • Alpacas are the only domesticated llama-like animal. 
  • They can weigh up to 150kg (around 23.5 Stone). 
  • Alpacas have a woollen coat of hair, which can be brushed or spun into yarn to create bespoke textiles.
  • They are also known for their soft, squishy fleece. 
  • Alpaca fur is a revered choice for artisans and crafters. 
  • Alpacas can live up to 20 years! 
  • Alpacas have no teeth in the top front of their mouths!
  • Alpacas are the only animal in the world producing milk and wool! 
  • Alpacas have an impeccably graceful walking style, which is said to be similar to that of a goat. 
  • The serenity of Alpacas makes them tremendously relaxing walking companions for humans!

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